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Page history last edited by C. Broeska 10 years, 7 months ago


Who's coming to the reunion?


Hetty van der Put
Ann Butler

Jerry Butler
Irene Heaman
Barb Stevens
Audrey Myers
Karen Tjaden
Lori-Ann Kaminski

David Kaminski
Joyce van Koughnet
Colleen Reimer
Candace Stobbe

Verena Enns

Marjorie Jenkins

Crawford Jenkins
Allison Bell

Janice Graham
Lynne McKibbin
Deanna Mutcher
Louise Pethybridge
Cindee Broeska
Bonnie Froebe

Charlie Froebe
Linda McKinnon
Mabel McKnight

Sandra Livingston

Barb Tisdale

Zenith Coates 

Anne Hamilton

Clarice Gilchrist

Dee McEachern

Marilyn Clearwater
Margaret Gopaul
Kathie Findlay
Irene Lepp
Alvina Rempel
Margaret Riddell
Deb Penner
Linda Drewlo
Kathy Wikdahl
Cathie Waldie
Anne Hillmer (coming to the Saturday banquet)

Fran Phillips
Shari Zacharias
Julie Ruban McDonald

Shirley McLaren 

Linda Kroeker

Doreen Lander

Helen Murray
Sandra Single
Dorothy Donnelly
Karen Funke 

Marion Hodgson 

Rosella Sawatsky

Joanne Johnston

Jane  Peckover
Lori Schroeder
Donna Kennedy
Marshall Kennedy

 Rachel Johnson

Linda Revel

Linda O'Connell

Betty Brasier
Sandy Scott
Ian McKinnon
David Hagborg

Brenda Doell

Sandra Clark

Sheila Wiebe

Lee Ann Winkler

Cynthia Unruh





Hi Fran,

thanks for writing.....I moved to Carman in 1976 and that's when I started up with Sonatrice....Left for a year sabbatical to London in 1980-81 and then back until June of '84, then left for Germany, as you know.  I remember doing a lot with the group - loved having Audrey as an accompanist, the 100th Carman Fair, the concerts and choreo.

The reason I didn't respond immediately is because I'm music director for a musical here in Ottawa which is opening a week and a half after your weekend and it just may be too difficult to get there and back and still be doing the dress rehearsals and working with the orchestra here for our opening.  That's unfortunate because I really would like to come back to see the faces and re-connect.  it's been far too long and life is too short.

We could try to do a video webcast of me directing one of the songs if you have the hook-up electronically! Or I could just yell ou the bar numbers over the phone...?!

Brian Boggs (sent to Fran Phillips)

Hi Audrey / Cindee
Just a note to confirm to you ( as you probably already know) that, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Sonatrice Reunion coming up. I 'm directing a musical here in Ottawa and rehearsals and performances for that got in the way...
Please pass on my best wishes to all the group - especially the 'oldsters' that I worked with....they'll know who they are. Glad to see "Streets of London" being done - that was one of my favourite that i conducted. Anyway, all the best . Have a great weekend.
Brian Boggs
Sonatrice from 1976 to 84

Hi Marg, 

Thanks for letting us know.Congratulations to Cindee, Audrey and the entire Sonatrice Singers on the accolades received. You all have a great reason to celebrate!!!  Carman should be proud of the positive publicity you have brought to the community over the 40 years.  We have just returned from Palm Desert.  While nice to get away--always nice to get home.  We have the performance dates and will look forward to this years concert.  Please express our congrats to the entire group. 

With Love to All 

Frank and Pat 


I wanted to let you know that I would have loved to have attended this wonderful event, but unfortunately have to be in Toronto at a conference April 25 and flying back on April 29th. My very best regards to everyone!


Dear Sonatrice Singers
       40 years! Forty years ago when I heard about the singing group starting up in Carman, I could hardly wait. ...When I look at my pictures, there we were, all dolled up for the finale, everyone dressed the same -- black palazzo pants with white blouses or long white dresses with different coloured scarves. I remember I stood mostly near Rilda Carr and Alfhild Cochrane. ...
        Now here we are -- 40 years later, and still those beautiful sounds are coming through. To me music is one thing that brings people together. It's in our blood and no one can take away the wonderful memories it creates.  

Marion Hodgson


Hello Audrey,

 Thanks so much for your email.  My apologies for missing the Feb 28th RSVP deadline.  I have just returned from being in Arizona since the end of January and am just now catching up on mail, etc.

I will not be able to attend the reunion.  It sounds like a wonderful time and I know it takes many hours of planning & preparation.   

I have fond memories of my time with Sonatrice & currently sing with the Saskatoon Choral Society.  Please extend my sincere best wishes to everyone for a very successful gathering and concert.



Marg Hall


 Hi Audrey

 Thanks so much for the reminder.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion. Raven and I are both getting married this summer, and my fiancé and I, Jeremy, are going to Europe for our honeymoon and to attend another wedding, so time off and funds are a little tight.
  Wishing you all the best,


Dear Sonatrice,
I have many fond memories of the time I sang with your group. Thank you for the invitation to your 40th reunion. We are not able to attend but wish you a successful weekend. I still love to sing but only sing & play at church & the care home.
Marie Angers


David and I are very much looking forward to returning to one of our "homes". It will be good to see so many at one time. I won't be singing but we will attend the Friday night concert.



Please convey my regrets to Sonatrice as I will not be able to attend the 40th reunion.
I have such fond memories of my years in Sonatrice. The seconds practices - End of year parties - and of course our trip to Ottawa.
My hats off to the organizers. It is a thankless job and I know that you have all worked really hard at it.
Good luck to all.
Nancy Van Wyck


Thanks so much for including me in your invitation! It’s unfortunate but I just can’t free my schedule in order to join you all that weekend. I know the present and returning members will have an unforgettable time. I am quite sure we will hear stories of this reunion for years to come. Enjoy!

Allison Abbott-Wiebe


Hi Cindee,

Happy New Year!! Sorry for my delayed response, Christmas at my store is crazy!!! Then I got a little run down, but I'm back!! I was so looking forward to coming out there but alas, our Valley Winds Music Association Spring Concerts are early this year and fall on that weekend!!! We are usually in May, but it didn't work out with some of the Directors so we had to bump it earlier this year.....I am extremely disappointed, because I grew up watching my Mom in Sonatrice, and my Mom did a lot of the choreography back then with Marlene Shewchuk...she also wrote the theme song to the Manitoba Summer games 197....? forget now, but the Sonatrice performed it...they were her happiest and most musically fulfilling years....Marlene was instrumental in kicking off my musical life by first giving me a solo in the Swing Choir at school, in grade 9, and then awarding me the lead female in The Music Man that year with Brent Vankoughnent....Believe it or not,  that April weekend is also the Anniversary of my Mom's passing....it would have meant so much to me to have been a part of that....especially at that time...I wish you all a successful and happy reunion and will be thinking of you all....warm regards,

Lee Ann (Davis) Decoteau


Hi Audrey,
Thank you for the invitation to the 40th Anniversary! I am sorry but I will not be with you on that special week-end.
I want you to know that "The Streets of London" is my favorite. I have used it as a solo a few times. I still sing on occasion but of course getting older too!
I'm hoping the weekend is a smashing event and all have a ball. I'll be thinking of you.

Yours trul

Francee Last Stambusbi 


 Happy New Year! I would love to help with the set-up for the banquet & the fashion show. Any reason why I can't do both? I thought of two more songs ... "Me & My Shadow" and "Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey".  See you on April 27th.  Can hardly wait! 



Thanks for phoning me!  I'm so looking forward to renewing friendships.

Sandra Livingston


Hello,  I plan to attend both nights and on Saturday.  i would like to sing and have the music ahead please.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Thank you to all the organizers that are making this possible.  I'm sure its a lot of work.  i would hope Saturday afternoon we could sing "Only Time."  There was also another piece with 2 choirs that sang and answered each other, I forget the name.

Thanks,  Colleen Reimer


Thanks so mcuh for the invite.  Sorry, I will not be attending the activities.  Thank-you again, & have a wonderful concert & weekend.  From, Sherry Ryrie


Thank you very much for the invitation.  I was truly pleased to be remembered and included.  It looks like you have a great celebration planned - 40 years, certainly a milestone.  It is amazing how many lives have  been touched by this wonderful group of people over the years.  I am very sure the weekend will be a fantastic experience for everyone involved.  

I am sorry that I will not be able to attend.  I will be in Europe until after the World Championships in May.  Please extend my best wishes to all. (I am quite sure i do not have to tell you to have a good time - (that is preaching to the converted!!!!)

Take care and thanks again!!

Bob Leslie


OK - now I really feel old!  I can't believe it's 40 years since the beginning of Sonatrice!  Thank you so much for the invitation - I will do my absolute best to get there - think it would be so much fun.  Thanks for the "well in advance" information for future planning purposes.

My mother, Margaret Bell, was also a Sonatrice Singer but sadly is suffering with alzheimers - I am headed out west to visit with her later this week so will try to se if she has any recollection at all - I know if she were healthy, she would have loved to see all the "girls!"

Hope to see you in the spring and thank you again!

Allison Stephens (Bell)


Please accept my regrets, as I will not be able to attend that weekend...have fun though!Karen Leask


 It sounds like a wonderful event and it would be so much fun to have been able come to Carman to renew acquaintances! I am unable to get away from my work at that time however, and so will be unable to join you.  All the best for a very enjoyable event, Jane McKay-Nesbitt    


Thank you, Margaret, but I will not be attending. Have fun. I hope you have a good turnout.Debbie Skakum (nee Worden)    


Thank you so much for the invite, sounds like fun. However I will not be able to attend - have fun.
Phyllis Colvin 

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