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Tempo Festival of the Arts



Manitoba Choral Association



Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba (Grants etc)




Some Great Choirs to listen to: (feel free to suggest more!)


Kokopelli Choir


Composer Stephen Hatfield ("Heave Away" is one we are doing this year 2008)

Listen to "Heave Away"


Calgary Girls Choir

Lovely recording of Belle of Star Isle which we sang two years ago. Clear sweet voices.


U of A Jazz Choir

Time after Time is really nice.


Elektra Women's Choir (Vancouver)

At the end of March Elektra will be presenting a free Reading Session of New Compositions for Women’s Choirs. Past calls for submissions have brought in works from as far away as Finland so the choir is excited to see what this year’s event brings. The evening is your opportunity to hear four exciting new works as they are sight read and critiqued. This is music at its newest in an informal format that makes you feel as if you’re part of the exploration.


McMillan's second arrangement for Kokopelli is bright, vivacious, and exciting. Allows for the use of a rhythm section and instrumental solo features.



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