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A few notes about our singers: Our choir works hard every Monday night but it is worth it.

Music is good for the soul and the community. Our families are great support as well.


First Sopranos - 

Kathie, Bonnie, Janice, Marjorie, Cathie, Barb, Kathy, Irene, Sandra, Alvina, Linda, Deb

Sopranos often steal the show at the Christmas parties due to their excellent sense of humour.
A soprano is a singer with a voice range from approximately (C4) to "high A"  or to "soprano C" (C6, two octaves above middle C) or higher. In choral music the term soprano refers to a vocal part or line and not a voice type.



Second Sopranos -

Zentith, Lida, Karen, Linda, Melissa, Deb, Hetty, Jane, Anne, Shari

Seconds are very diplomatic and never argue amongst themselves (that we notice).
(meaning "medium" or "middle" "soprano" in Italian is a classical female singer whose range lies between the soprano and the alto, usually extending from the A below middle C to the A two octaves above . In the lower and upper extremes, some mezzo-sopranos may extend down to the G below middle C and as high as "high C.



Altos -

Louise, Donna, Sandra, Marilyn, Lori, Lori-Ann, Shirley, Lori, Clarice, Karen, Ann, Cynthia, Valerie

In music, a contralto is a classical singer with a vocal range somewhere between a tenor and a mezzo-soprano. The term is used to refer to the deepest female singing voice. The typical contralto range lies between the G below middle C to two Gs above middle C . In the lower and upper extremes, some contralto voices can sing from the E below middle C to two Bs above middle C. The term contralto is not synonymous with the term alto which designates a specific part within choral music and is not a voice type. Technically, "alto" is only a separate category in choral music where it refers simply to the vocal range.

Altos are very good at making desserts.



Director - Cindee  There are many things our director does well:

  • Is firm yet positive (please don't talk when I do, just sing!)
  • Works on pieces in advance, has great timing and pitch
  • Doesn't forget the warm-ups
  • Chooses the material based on the venue and occasion
  • If there are problems within the group, addresses it immediately
  • Is punctual
  • Chooses a good place to eat and drink

Accompanist - Audrey

An accompanist is the person who plays a supporting or collaborative role to a performer (eg. singer) or a group of performers (eg. choir). An accompanist must stop the choir from choosing too many songs with "doo-wop" and "baby baby" in it.



The Audience: An essential ingredient at concerts. An audience is a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art, literature, theatre, music or academics in any medium. Our choir appreciates them immensely.





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