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Old photos

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Some photos from the past. Can you name the year?


The following is the "25th" concert year (well there have been more concerts than that by that year but hey,

the teeshirts are nice colours! This was the last time we wore white pants.

BACK: Deanna, Sandra, Shari, Linda, Barb, Nancy, Kathy, Jane

MIDDLE: Mabel, Leanne, Hetty, Zenith, Shirley, Margaret, Dorothy, Ann

FRONT: Lori, Louise, Joyce, Alvina, Gail, Lori, Lynn, Linda, Bonnie

Good looking guy in the suit is Tom Neufeld (part of Tom & Lori)





The above choir is on a "Musical Journey"..... thanks to Deanna and Joyce for supplying the following from the "seventies".

The Famous "Winged dresses" complete with see through sleeves. Big glasses and blue eye shadow may be providing some laughs at right.



There is nothing "leisurely" about the hard work it takes to sing some of this music!

Audrey Myers at piano.

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